Child smiling at camera in classroom setting

Our People

Our people

Our educators are a welcoming and qualified team. They are dedicated to early childhood education and respect that each child is a unique individual who learns in their own way and at their own pace. We have several long-term educators so your child will get to know many familiar faces here.

Meet our Centre Manager

Dani Woolfe​

Years in childcare: 
15 years

Diploma of Children’s Services
Studying Advanced Diploma Community Sector Management

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? 
As a mum I understand how hard it is to leave your heart in the hands of another person while you go and do the things you love each day, this knowledge drives my passion. My personal opinion is that trust builds a platform of mutual respect and this enables the ability to form connections with our families to ensure we are offering the best care we can. My centre will be a second home to all  the children in our care and as a team we will strive to ensure what we offer your children nothing less than what I would expect for my own.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? 
There are so many moments in the past 15 years that make me smile, from the cheeky toddlers, to the small toilet training successes, the piece de resistance artwork hanging in my office, right through to the Kindergarten graduations. There are so many aspects of my job I love every day. My favourite thing about my career is the bonds with children and their families. For me, being able to support a first time mum during their child’s first day, week or month in care, or being able to help dad collecting the children for the first time and not forget anything, is one of the most important jobs I have. The support for the parents and caregivers is a fundamental area. The personal moments, the smiles, laughs and tears make my make my day, every day.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? 
We are an excellent choice because I lead a team of passionate and enthusiastic people who are in their chosen careers for the right reasons. We offer personalised, nurturing care in a fun and educational setting. I judge my level of success in what we are offering by the contentedness of the children, if a child runs to hug an educator goodbye before they leave, or when a child runs into the centre to greet everyone, this tells me we are doing something right. Milestones Tingalpa is an excellent choice for your children because as part of our philosophy we recognise parents are the children’s first teacher and we take your lead through collaboration and listening to the children’s voice. We create prevocational learning that lasts a lifetime.

Fun Fact about you:
I am the youngest of four girls and a mum to thee beautiful children, I value family and the village it takes to raise children.